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From the Desk of Robert Phillips
#1 Best Selling Author - How to Consistently Break 90

If you’ve been playing golf for long, you know golf marketers are notorious for inventing crazy gadgets and promising rapid results. Unfortunately few of them actually deliver on their bold claims because we all know there is no “magic solution.”

Every now and then however, a true breakthrough based on proven science comes along.

Golf training breakthroughs capable of adding this much power and distance to every club in your bag in a matter of days are as rare as a hole-in-one.I can’t blame you if you’re skeptical of such a bold claim. Believe me, I had my doubts too.

In short order I became a believer, however, when I saw the incredible results of the first test-group. Even professional golfers and teaching pros agree the results are “astounding.”

As you can see, our "Guinea Pigs" of average golfers and professionals started to add distance from day 1 across EVERY club in their bag..

As you can see, our "Guinea Pigs" of average golfers and professionals started to add distance from day 1 across EVERY club in their bag.

The increases in power and distance were even better than expected – and the expectations were high to begin with. And over the next few minutes I’ll introduce you to this amazing advancement, share the impressive results, and reveal how you can take advantage of this breakthrough to add the explosive power and distance you deserve.

Amazingly, each golfer in the test group was able overcome what could be the biggest power drain in golf – something I call the “silent distance killer.” I’ll reveal exactly what it is plus a simple drill you can use today to eliminate this common problem from your game forever a bit later so keep reading this presentation to the end.

After reviewing hundreds of applications, 15 golfers were selected to participate in the first Power & Distance Challenge and every single one of them increased their distance – including 2 professional golfers. The final results showed an average improvement of over 130 yards across the bag. And the professional golfers actually achieved bigger gains – increasing their distances by an average of 155 yards.

Just to be clear, let me explain the results...

This is the total distance each player added across his or her bag. So for example, Joe Connolly of Ireland added in incredible 226 yards across his bag using the proprietary “Force Multiplier” drills I’ll introduce during this presentation.

Here are Joe’s results by club:

As you can see, going through Joe’s bag, he added 30 yards to his driver, 25 yards to his 3-wood, 21 yards to his 6-iron, and 28 yards to his 8-iron. Those are incredible results for just a few minutes a day over a short six-week period. That’s how quickly this breakthrough “distance cocktail” can add POWER and DISTANCE to your game.

Of course Joe is ecstatic with his results. He tells us:

I have to admit I am very impressed! I have added distance to EVERY club in the
bag and I’m hitting one less club into every green!

With 13 clubs in your bag (not counting the putter), that’s an additional 10 yards per club on average. Remember, that’s the average. In reality you can reasonably expect to add 20+ yards to your driver and fairway woods, 10+ yards to your mid-irons, and 5+ yards to your short irons just like Joe did. And just like Joe, you could enjoy the...

"Force Multiplier" Effect...

Imagine how much lower your scores will be be when you’re pounding your drives 20 or more yards farther, using one less club on your approach shots, and hitting more greens in regulation.

In just days from now, you could be hitting a 9-iron from the distance you used to hit an 8-iron. You could be smashing an 8-iron from where you used to hit a 7-iron. Or crushing a 7-iron from the same distance where just days ago you were hitting a 6-iron.

It’s A LOT easier to hit more greens and shoot lower scores when you’re constantly crushing your drives AND hitting your approach shots closer to the pin with shorter irons. That’s why POWER & DISTANCE are so critically important to playing better golf.

And that’s the “force multiplier” advantage that makes golf so much more simple and enjoyable. Let’s face it, golf is more fun when you’re blasting the ball past your playing partners off the tee, hitting shorter irons into the greens, shooting lower scores, and having beers bought for you after the round.

Glenn Bowers of Gallipolis, Ohio agrees. Here’s the story Glenn shared after the Power & Distance Challenge:

"I had been struggling in our Sunday foursome, so much as to always be paying at the 19th hole for most of the summer. The last three Sundays of the P&D Challenge, I won twice easily and tied for first the other round. Those 19th hole Guinness drafts tasted so much better when I was not paying for them. I was also not hitting my approach shots first very often. We all know what that means!"

I’ll tell you more about this amazing breakthrough, how I met the two interesting fellows that discovered it, and how you can take advantage of this “distance cocktail” to increase your own power and distance in just a minute so keep reading.

However, if you think this involves buying expensive equipment, spending hours in the gym lifting weights, or hitting thousands of balls in the driving range until your hands are covered with blisters, I’ve got great news for you because proprietary “Force Multiplier” training involves none of that.

The Ultimate "Distance Cocktail"...

You already know a conventional cocktail is a mixture of ingredients combined to create a potent adult beverage. This special “distance cocktail” is similar in that it is the perfect mixture of ingredients that combine to create a powerful golf swing. More importantly, it’s a repeatable golf swing you can count on even under the pressure you experience during a normal round of golf.

And just like many cocktails have a special ingredient, so does the “distance cocktail.” I’ll tell you what this secret ingredient is in a moment so keep reading...

  • Unique drills based on the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces) that you can do at home in just minutes per day develops an instinctive & efficient swing guaranteed to produce maximum power and distance.
  • Specialized practice drills designed for the driving range (these simple drills ingrain the critical fundamentals indelibly into your muscle-memory so the picture perfect swing becomes natural and instinctive)…
  • Exercises designed exclusively to develop strong "golf muscles" that will generate effortless power by adding more Golf Horsepower to your swing in just minutes per day...

Sure, it sounds simple. Like the golf swing itself though, it’s not as simple as it may appear on the surface. Each ingredient of the “distance cocktail” has a specific purpose. And the unique combination has a synergistic "force multiplier" effect that quickly creates a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

The “spetsnaz” drills focus on specific micro-movements within the full golf swing to help you perfect each component of the proper swing. The strength and flexibility training focus on developing the specific muscles needed to generate a powerful golf swing.

The specialized practice drills help you hone the full swing, imprint it permanently into your muscle-memory, and develop confidence you can carry with you to the course when you see how crisply you’re hitting your irons and how far you’re hitting your woods.

Removing any one of these critical ingredients dramatically reduces the “forced multiplier” effect of the powerful “distance cocktail.” And unless you follow the program using the specific drill and exercises in the exact sequence you won’t get the desired results.

It would be like tying your shoes before putting them on or putting your shoes on your feet before your socks. Failure to follow the right sequence sabotages the results. And while all the ingredients of the “distance cocktail” are important, one stands out above the others…

In fact, using this secret "ingredient" is so simple, it might seem “obvious” – until you realize, like I did, that not one golfer in 100 actually uses it…

In just three words - That Secret is...
Form Follows Function.

What that means is, you don’t need to worry about how long your range sessions or workouts are… how much time you spend exercising every week… or how much “digging it out of the dirt” or “time” you can squeeze in at the course.

Instead, your results depend 100% on the EXACT SIGNALS you are sending to your body about how you want it to perform. Let me explain…

Remember the headline from the beginning of this article?

Here's Why the Russian Spetsnaz Hold the Secret to Your Golf Transformation

By now, you’ve probably guessed the secret ingredient in this “distance cocktail” involves Russian Spetsnaz training. The Russian Spetsnaz can be translated into English as the Russian Special Forces.

Chris discovered this advanced training method while studying a Russian Spetsnaz workout book. (he goes to great lengths to find the best training methods.)It’s a simple idea really. You briefly perform a specific exercise at specific times throughout the day using perfect form and in a relatively short period of time muscle memory kicks in and the move becomes instinctive.I’m not going to pretend I understand the science behind the Russian Spetsnaz training principles. However, Chris explained to me that through performing perfect repetitions several times each day, the human brain figures out the most efficient way to perform the movement.

When it comes to the golf swing, maximum efficiency translates into maximum power and distance. And that’s in addition to training the muscle-memory that creates an instinctive and repeatable swing.

Let me show you what this means…

As an example so you can better understand this simple but powerful concept. The Russian Spetsnaz used this principle to develop strength.

Golfers can learn a thing or two from elite special forces - especially when it comes to repeating an ability under pressure.

Golfers can learn a thing or two from elite special forces - especially when it comes to repeating an ability under pressure.

Take pull-ups for example. They set up pull-up bars in all the doorways. And each time a Spetsnaz agent walked through a doorway, he was required to do a pull-up – just one single repetition. However, the requirement was to use perfect form.

Imagine how many times you walk through a doorway during a normal day – probably dozens of times. The gains from doing one perfect repetition of a simple pull-up several times each day were fast.

After just a week of following this simple regimen that takes hardly any time at all, a Spetsnaz agent may have been able to increase the maximum amount of pull-ups he could do in a single set from 10 to 15 – a 50% increase in strength.

After another week, that number could increase to 20. Then eventually 30 or more. That’s a 200% increase in strength in just a few weeks.

Just so you know, the secret employed by the Spetsnaz is part of the Distance Cocktail...

Chris took this simple Spetsnaz principle and applied to the golf swing. He started by breaking down the golf swing into its various component parts he calls “micro movements.”

He discovered that by focusing on one specific part of the golf swing – and repeating it perfectly several times each day – the movement quickly becomes natural and instinctive.

Before you know it, you’re performing that part of the swing perfectly. And you’re doing it by instinct without even thinking about it because your perfect practice has created muscle-memory that makes repeating the movement simple. And the repetition has always empowered your brain to learn how to perform each “micro-movement” with maximum efficiency.

Then you move on to the next part of the golf swing. In a relatively short period of time you can ingrain the perfect golf swing into your muscle-memory so you can repeat that perfect golf swing over and over again.

You can do it effortlessly without even thinking about it because it becomes so natural and instinctive. And you can repeat the swing with the efficiency that translates into maximum power and distance.

There are limitations of course. I’m not saying you’re going to add 50% or 200% to every club in your bag. That would be misleading. However, as I’ve already shared, every single member of the test-group – including the professional golfers – added an average of 10 yards to every club in their bags.

Add in the practice range drills that you’re now practicing with the perfect swing you’re developing plus the strength and flexibility training designed specifically for the “golf muscles” and you’ve combined all the ingredients you need to quickly add an incredible amount of power and distance to your golf game. This proprietary “distance cocktail” gives you the “force multiplier” advantage I described earlier.

And although mid to high handicap golfers are likely to see the biggest gains, even low-handicappers should see impressive gains. In fact…

Even Professional Golfers Rave
About the Spetsnaz Principle...

When we asked the test group to share their biggest takeaways from the Power & Distance Challenge, one of the pros told us it was the principle we shared based on Russian Spetsnaz training “without a doubt.” As a matter of fact, he is so convinced he says: “I will continue to use this form of practice going forward.”

And the second pro golfer shared the story of how he was playing with his normal group and crushing his drives so far they asked if he’d bought a new driver. If professional golfers are this convinced and can achieve such incredible results so quickly, imagine what this “distance cocktail” could do for your game.

Here’s what some of the non-professionals from the test group had to say:

Ron Griffin of Baltimore, MD told us he can hit the ball “farther and straighter.

Tim Fus of Leesburg, FL says the guys in his group have told him he’s hitting the ball farther while swinging easier. One guy raved about his “effortless power.”

Joe Connolly, the gentleman from Ireland who added 226 yards across his bag tells us his club pro was “shocked” at how far he was hitting his driver without making any major swing changes.

Quentin Patterson of Brazil, IN added so much power and distance he reported he was now outdriving the rest of his group with his 3-iron. He’s how hitting his 3-iron an amazing 230-yards and added 150 yards across his bag as you can see here:

Alan Patterson from Durham, England is a high-handicapper and a relative newcomer to the game has amazed his playing partners by reaching par 5’s in just two shots. That’s what happens when you add 24 yards off the tee as Alan did.

By now you might be asking yourself…

How did they figure this out – and how can you be so sure it will work for me?

Trust me – The "Distance Cocktail" didn’t land in our laps overnight – just the opposite…

It Took Over 10 Years To Piece These Breakthrough Distance Producing Strategies Together…

A few years ago during a business meeting at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California I stumbled across a gentleman named Chris Henning. We became fast friends as soon as we discovered our mutual love of golf. In addition to being a former college football player, Chris is a single-digit handicapper and a certified fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training and an Onnit Academy Certified Trainer. Chris introduced me to several fitness programs he's developed specifically to help serious golfers improve their games by strengthening their “golf muscles". He also showed me how important flexibility is to generating maximum power and distance in the golf swing... and how easy it is to become more flexible. Rapidly approaching 50 years of age (48 as of this writing), I have the power to routinely hit 300-yard drives and reach par 5’s in two with mid or even short irons. As a matter of fact, just the other day, I flew a 7-iron approach shot to a par 5 over the green. That’s less than ideal of course. It just illustrates the power and distance I’ve developed. A few months ago, I’d have never believed I’d be hitting such short irons on second shots into long par 5’s.


Chris & Rich created the Power and Distance Challenge over the course of 10 years.

Much of the credit goes to Chris and the knowledge he has generously shared with me. It’s amazing how easy it is the crush the ball when you understand a few simple principles. Of course “birds of a feather flock together” as they say. And not long after I met Chris, he introduced me to his friend Rich Guzzo – a good-natured cigar-smoking Aussie now living in San Antonio, Texas. As fanatical golfers tend to do, we all got together for a long golf weekend San Antonio.

That’s when I discovered Rich could be the biggest golf fanatic I’ve ever met and that’s saying something. He has more sets of golf clubs and more putters at his house than I’ve ever seen anywhere. It’s almost like being in a pro shop!

And although he’s not officially a professional golfer, he is a rare legitimate scratch golfer, a former college player, and the two-time defending club champion at The Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio.

With so many things going on at once... you need to develop a better way to practice.

With so many things going on at once... you need to develop a better way to practice.

He’s also a walking golf encyclopedia. He’s forgotten more about golf and the golf swing than I’ve ever known. And I’ve read A LOT of golf instructional books and watched A LOT of golf instructional programs on the Golf Channel.

It turns out that’s mostly a waste of time. The golf swing is not nearly as complicated as it may appear when you spend too much time reading golf magazines or watching golf instructional programs on television.

If you think about it, they have a vested interest in making golf sound as complicated and confusing as possible. That’s how they keep subscribers and viewer to keep reading and watching.

So it’s not your fault if you feel overwhelmed by information overload when it comes to the golf swing and how to quickly master it.

If you’re like most golfers searching for a simple solution that can help you quickly add the critical power and distance golfer’s covet without endless hours of boring practice and confusing technical instruction, then keep reading this presentation.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Chris and Rich are the creators of the “distance cocktail” I’ve been talking about. They could be the perfect combination “mad golf scientists” to create this breakthrough with each bringing their own unique ingredients to the 19th hole bar.

Christian Henning, NASM-CPT Onnit Academy Certified Trainer

Christian Henning, NASM-CPT
Onnit Academy Certified Trainer

Chris brings his knowledge of strength and flexibility training and specifically his unique ability to apply this type of specialized training to the golf swing. And unlike most “golf fitness gurus,” Chris is actually a single-digit handicapper and tests his ideas on himself first. His results speak for themselves.

Based on his personal results, my results, and now the impressive results of the first test group, Chris has cracked the code on strengthening the “golf muscles” and creating “effortless power.” Well into his 40’s now, Chris regularly launches 300+ yard drives.

Rich brings his encyclopedic knowledge of the golf swing and all aspects of golf in general – plus his decades of experience as a championship golfer. He’s constantly tinkering and testing new techniques to gain the slightest edge.

And the best part is he’s also a good teacher. I can remember Rich showing me a simple way to play a challenging chip shot from a bad lie around the green one morning with a simple technique I’ve never even seen in any golf magazine or golf instructional program. Then later that afternoon when I found myself in that exact situation, I darn near holed the birdie chip and tapped in for par.

Then later that afternoon when I found myself in that exact situation, I darn near holed the birdie chip and tapped in for par.

These guys are the real deal.

If you’re still with me, you obviously have some interest in the “distance cocktail” I’ve been telling you about and more specifically you’d love to add 100 yards are more across your bag so you’re booming longer drives and hitting shorter irons into the greens, right?

Well I’ve got GREAT NEWS for you today because now that Chris and Rich have honed and perfected their unique power and distance program – and more importantly proved it works with a test group consisting of every level of golfer including two professionals – they are ready to release the POWER & DISTANCE Challenge to anyone serious about improving their golf game.

Keep reading to discover…

How to Add At Least 10 Yards to Every Club In Your Bag in Just Short Weeks

That’s how little time it takes to see measurable results. And you will see measurable results because you’ll be measuring your distances periodically so you can see your improvement in real numbers – although I’m certain you’ll feel the explosive power building as you practice.

In fact, our test group said the rapid results was one of the things that spurred them to stick to the program. After all who wants to waste their time practicing and training if you don’t see immediate results right?

Dave Hanson, Puyallup, Washington

Dave Hanson, Puyallup, Washington

"When we began this I had a 3/4 back swing cuz I didn't have enough flexibility to complete the full turn. I've been working real hard on this and about 7 days ago I finally got to the full shoulder turn! Then being able to get to a full shoulder turn, the results became magical. I'm very, very, very HAPPY."

So what kind of specific results can you expect?

Let’s take a normal par 4 with a length of 400 yards for example. Perhaps today you hit your drives 225 yards on average. That would leave you with a 175 yard approach shot to the green. And you’d probably hit a mid-iron like a 5 or a 6. That’s typical of the average golfer.

But who wants to be average? Certainly not you if you’re watching/reading this presentation! Here’s what could happen thanks to the “forced multiplier” effect when you put the Power & Distance Challenge to the test.

It’s realistic to expect you could add 25 yards to your tee shots and 10 yards to your irons. So now instead of an average 225 yard drive leaving you with a 5-iron approach shot, you’d blast your tee shot 250 yards leaving you only 150 yards to the middle of the green. That’s a huge difference.

And the fun doesn’t stop there because whereas you may have hit a 7-iron from 150 yards before the Power & Distance Challenge, with the 10 yards you can reasonably expect to add to your irons, you may only be hitting an 8-iron from 150 yards now.

That’s what we call the “forced multiplier” effect. And you can see what a dramatic impact adding power and distance to your game can have on your game.

In this example, you’ve gone from hitting a driver followed by a 5-iron approach shot to hammering your driver 25 yards farther leaving yourself with only an 8-iron approach shot.

Trust me, golf is a lot easier and a lot more fun when you’re hitting short irons into the greens because you can’t help but hit more greens in regulation and have more birdie putts.

And logically’ll starting shooting lower scores, winning more skins money from your buddies, winning tournaments if you’re in a golf club, and drinking more free beer at the bar after your round.

You can set yourself up for a lifetime of better golf and more fun on the golf course in just six short weeks. Not only is the program only six weeks long, it only takes 30 minutes per day plus the top secret Spetsnaz training you'll integrate into your daily life (just a minute here and there over the course of a day).

If 30 minutes per day sounds like too much time, think again. Because some of that time is the secret Spetsnaz training you’ll be doing about a minute at a time throughout the day at your home or office.

That leaves 30 minutes per day for short strength and flexibility sessions on certain days and focused practice at the driving range on the other days.

On strength days, you can finish the short 30-minute workout while you watch Sports Center or something else to transform TV time into productive POWER & DISTANCE time!

And on flexibility days, the short flexibility and mobility routines should take no more than 15 minutes. You can do them either before or after hitting the driving range.

And just to be clear you don’t need to go to the practice range every day nor do you need to spend hours and hours pounding thousands of balls. That’s the old-fashioned way to practice and it’s painfully slow if it even works at all.

The truth is... if you spend hours practicing a 'turrible' swing, then all you’re doing is ingraining the turrible swing into your muscle-memory – a turrible use of time that won’t make you a better golfer.

Having confidence in what you are doing is everything when it comes to golf.

Having confidence in what you are doing is everything when it comes to golf.

In fact, it will make you a worse golfer.

Chris and Rich have developed specific drills for the driving range that help you develop and hone the feel for the perfect swing in a minimum amount of time. You’ll get all the benefit of the effort and passion they put into developing this unique power and distance program.

And remember there is no expensive gym membership required and you won’t need to buy any expensive equipment either. You will need a few basic items available at any sporting goods store like a stability ball, some workout bands, a soft mat (like a yoga mat), and a sturdy bench. That’s it. No barbells, dumb bells or weights of any kind required.

You may already have some or even all of these items. And if you don’t, I bet they’ll set you back less than $50 in total. If you’re not willing to invest that little in some simple equipment that could improve your game dramatically, then you’re simply not serious about golf and this program probably isn’t for you.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you win more than $50 worth of skins money and beer before you even finish the POWER & DISTANCE Challenge.

Chris and Rich removed all the bugs working with the test groups.

They’ve perfected the workouts and the practice range drills and even created videos if you’re a visual learner. And also because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s a lot easier to show something in a video than it is to explain in words – like the “power coil” for example.

If you don’t know what the “power coil” is or how to properly execute it prepare to be amazed at this incredible source of “effortless power.”

As I’ve already mentioned a few times, this breakthrough golf training program is called the POWER & DISTANCE Challenge. And it’s specially designed with cutting edge methods to increase your power and distance faster and with less effort than you ever imagined possible.

Remember Chris and Rich used these methods themselves to increase their own power and distance. And so have I. This program is designed by serious golfers especially for serious golfers.

Here’s what you get when you accept this invitation today:

The Power & Distance Challenge

Start Your Personal Challenge Today!

The Best System For Adding Effortless Power, Increasing Confidence & QUICKLY Lowering Your Score - In The World. Most participants add an average of 10 yards spread across each club in their bag and 18 yards to their driver, and have gained the respect of their playing partners, in just a few short weeks. I think we can both agree that would be pretty awesome. You can do it too.

  • 42-Days of Power Workouts and Flexibility Training
  • Facebook Coaching from Chris and Rich (accountability and motivation)
  • 42-Days of Daily Email To-Do Checklist Reminders
  • 42-days of Golf Lessons, Drills, and GTG Exercises
  • Personal Scorecard to track your progress against other Challengers
  • Proprietary Force Multiplier System (FMS)

Now the answer to the question that may be on the top of your mind. You might be thinking this all sounds great and I’d love to add power and distance to my golf game, but…

Can it work for me?

Here's PROOF The Power and Distance Challenge Works...

(NOTE: These are real participants in the P&D Challenge, who achieved these results in just 42 days. They were NOT paid for participating or for their testimonials... and most of our golfers are over 40!)

Everything You Need To Get Started Transforming Your Game Is In The Power & Distance Challenge!

Here's What You Get When You Register Today...

42-Day Challenge Blueprint & Club House

Daily checklists are sent every day so you know exactly what to do with no guesswork.

Daily checklists are sent every day so you know exactly what to do with no guesswork.

What good is a single golf lesson? Not much good at all... in fact, it might end up hurting your game more than helping.

Chris and Rich solved the problem with lessons by developing a clear road map with daily and weekly goals that will propel you faster towards your goal of more distance and consistency.

Daily checklists are sent every day so you know exactly what to do with no guesswork.

The Daily Checklist is your ticket to rapid results! Our students rave about the simplistic and easy to follow approach Chris and Rich have designed.

Follow Along Mobility & Flexibility Video

Screenshot 2016-04-01 09.34.48

Follow Along Each Morning to gain Flexibility

Flexibility has been identified by almost every one of our students as the most important change to their golf games.

When you become more flexible you essentially cure a number of issues such as Muscle Tightness, Reduced Range of Motion, Fatigue, and Lack of Muscular Endurance.

In addition,by increasing your range of motion... you can now generate more power. By combining added flexiblity with Chri's workouts - you are mixing up the perfect Distance Cocktail.

Chris filmed a 20-minute video you can watch every day and follow along as he demonstrates and explains what each mobility and flexibility movement does.

Video Instructional Drills & Lessons

Each week you will be given access to a new video lesson as well as a video demonstration of all drills assigned by Chris and Rich.

Each week you will be given access to a new video lesson as well as a video demonstration of all drills assigned by Chris and Rich.

Each week you will be given access to a new video lesson as well as a video demonstration of all drills assigned by Chris and Rich. The lessons progress you through the entire Power and Distance curriculum step-by-step. You only progress to the next lesson when you have had ample time to master the fundamental skill Chris and Rich have targeted to maximize distance.

Re-watch the video's for as long as you would like, your membership to the Power and Distance Challenge never expires!

Distance Specific Workout Program with
Instructional Exercise Video's


Workouts can be performed with minimal equipment just about anywhere.

Exercise is part of the 'Distance Cocktail' and one of the Force Multipliers. When we attack distance from a well-rounded approach - only then can we gain MAXIMUM distance.

Chris is not only a Single Digit golfer, but also an NASM Certified Fitness Instructor with a specialization in Golf Fitness.

Chris also attended the prestigious Onnit Academy and is an Onnit Academy Certified Trainer.

Chris designed these workouts to be challenging yet fun. Perfected over two years with several test groups - these workouts build a powerful golf body.

What's better than adding Golf Horsepower to your swing and seeing the results quickly?

Facebook Coaching and Support Group


Challenge participants singled out the PRIVATE Facebook Coaching Group as the NUMBER ONE key to their success.

Member's were able to get advice from Chris and Rich on the drills, exercises, workouts, and more.

Research has proven that an online support group INCREASES your chances of success as well as INCREASING the results you achieve. WIN WIN.

The Challengers also enjoyed the group support and competition...

Printable Distance Calibration System (DCS)


Only when you know how far you hit every club - on a consistent basis - can you post low numbers like the Pro's.

Only by knowing where we start can we know how far we have progressed.

The PAT is more than a distance check, it's a powerful weapon you can use to your advantage on the golf course.

Only when you know how far you hit every club - on a consistent basis - can you post low numbers like the Pro's. Distance Calibration System (DCS) will take care of everything for you.

Turn every club in your bag into a precise weapon you can use to shave valuable strokes off your game....

Daily Checklists and Reminders

We've done all the planning and work for you - just show up each day for a few minutes to see rapid results unlike anything you've ever tried before.

We've done all the planning and work for you - just show up each day for a few minutes to see rapid results unlike anything you've ever tried before.

Look... we know you are going to have ups and downs... that's why Chris and Rich created daily reminder emails that will be delivered to your inbox.

The emails and Facebook posts will help motivate and inspire you to keep moving. No one is perfect, but it sure helps to have daily motivation to keep you on track.

In addition, we've done all the planning and work for you - just show up each day for a few minutes to see rapid results unlike anything you've ever tried before.

Chris created this simple checklist strategy many years ago to improve his own game in a step-by-step blueprint approach. The secret lies in the progression of the program and performing a few simple tasks each day.

Printable Workout Tracking Sheets

logo-smallThe Power and Distance Challenge utilizes proprietary "Force Multiplier" training for maximum results in the least amount of time possible. Force multiplication, in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes which make a given force more effective than that same force would be without it.

Our Force Multiplier System is based on our 3 Core Principles for golf performance: Mind, Body, and Skill. We believe anyone who applies our Force Multiplier System and sweat equity can become a single digit handicap golfer in a short amount of time.

Before You Read Any Further, Let's Recap What You've Learned...

  • The reason why most people NEVER succeed in transforming their game is because they train their brain incorrectly. This sends the wrong signals to your body that may end up causing you to get WORSE!
  • If you really want to transform your game, the SOLUTION is to focus on the SIGNALS you are sending your body through your practice and exercise.
  • The proof that these signals work can be found thanks to Cold War Era Russian Solders. The Spetsnaz programmed their minds to become more efficient at pull ups as well as other strength tasks!
  • The easy way for you to send the right signals to your body and see consistent results is to use the Spetsnaz Principle because it sends LOUD AND CLEAR instructions to your body!
  • Simply put, if you practice "perfect practice", your swing will be forced to change, if not.. it won't 🙁

I am supremely confident that this system is the most comprehensive and effective golf improvement program ever created. All ego aside, there’s simply NOTHING else quite like the Power and Distance Challenge.

You get video lessons, printable workout and distance check PDF's, direct access to Chris and Rich through our Facebook group, and valuable golf drills - all in a paint-by-numbers format that allows you to login to the Clubhouse (our members area) and check off the days to do items... it really could not be any easier!

So, I bet you are wondering...

How Much is Adding 100+ Yards of Power & Distance Across My Bag Going to Cost me?

A better question might be: How much will passing up this opportunity cost you? Not just monetarily – although as I mentioned earlier I’d be willing to bet you’ll quickly make up the small cost in skins money you win and beer (or other beverages of your choice) your golf buddies buy you at the 19th hole.

The Power and Distance Challenge is not going to cost you an arm and a leg like private lessons would. Professional PGA instructors can charge upwards of $90 to $100 per hour.

The Power and Distance Challenge is not going to cost you an arm and a leg like private lessons would. Professional PGA instructors can charge upwards of $90 to $100 per hour.

Even beyond that though, it’s hard put a price on pride, confidence, and respect. Imagine the sense of pride you’ll feel when you consistently blast your tee shots farther than anyone else in your group. And then wait on them to hit their approach shots as you make your way up to the longest drive.

Imagine the confidence you’ll gain when you’ve developed and honed a powerful and repeatable swing that allows you to stand over each shot knowing you’re going to crush it with power and accuracy. Not to mention the increased enjoyment you’ll get out of golf when you’re shooting lower scores.

Then there’s the respect you’ll get from your fellow golfers – whether it’s in your regular weekend foursome or during matches or tournaments with your golf club. They’ll be asking where you suddenly got all this “effortless power.”

Don’t be surprised when they ask you if you bought new clubs. As you’ll soon see, the investment in the Power & Distance Challenge is much, much less than the cost of new clubs. You don’t need new clubs! All you need is the few simple “power” secrets you’ll discover in this breakthrough golf training program.

All this is icing on the cake to the personal sense of satisfaction you’ll get and don’t worry it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg like private lessons would. Professional PGA instructors can charge upwards of $90 to $100 per hour.

You could expect to pay as much as $3,150 for the same amount of instruction from a teaching professional. I won't even bother telling you how much a personal trainer would cost, let's just say I doubt most trainers are even qualified for golf performance training.

And a new set of clubs would cost you over $1,000 and wouldn't deliver the same fairway burning distance you will receive from the Power and Distance and Challenge... and new clubs won't come with the same IRON CLAD guarantee as the Power and Distance Challenge does.

Here’s the thing though, the PGA teaching pro will focus on practicing the same old drills over and over at the driving range. He or she won’t have a clue about the other important ingredients of the proprietary “distance cocktail” Chris and Rich have created.

Sure, they may have you stretch before you start your practice session. They won’t give you a strength and training program specifically designed for your “golf muscles” though. And go ahead, I dare you to ask them about Spetsnaz training. Tell me what kind of blank stares you get!

And the worst part is, there’s a good chance that deep down inside your instructor doesn’t actually want to see you improvequickly. Why? Because he won’t be able to sell you more lessons – that’s why!

Teaching pros make their money giving lessons and selling you expensive equipment you probably don’t need. We have no such conflict of interest. We sincerely want you to improve as quickly as possible. And we’re dead serious about it!

In fact, we’ve set a monster goal to help 1 million golfers improve their games by 2020. So, as you can imagine, we’re anxious to get this program into the hands of as many golfers as possible.

We’re that proud of the Power & Distance Challenge and we’re confident it will quickly add an incredible amount of power and distance to your golf game.

And we want you to be part of the growing group of people we’re helping by joining the movement – an exclusive group of golfers dedicated to adding power and distance to their games.

For all those reasons, we’ve set the introductory price at a ridiculously low level. How low?

How About a Massive 50% Discount!

I'm only charging $198 $97 for the Power & Distance Challenge for 3 reasons:

  1. $198 $97 puts a proven and effective golf fitness program within reach of the vast majority of people. My goal is to help 1 million golfers live healthier lives and this allows me to help more golfers.
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about their golf game or health in 2016 to invest $198 $97 into this program isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out anyway.
  3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a dozen balls and buy the Power & Distance Challenge has the opportunity to substantially improving their health and improve their golf game beyond their wildest dreams.

. So if you're serious about shedding fat, crushing drives, and feeling more confident in 2016, and if you would like to start TODAY click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to Starbucks a few times this week and it's paid for.

YES! I Want to Add Distance to EVERY Club in My Bag.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

And... If You're One of the First 100 Serious Golfers to Act Quickly, You Will Get FAST ACTION BONUS #1, our Stroke Shaving

The PSR "Pre-Shot Routine"

Screenshot-2014-10-20-18.14.171The best shooters in basketball have a pre-shot routine before swishing a free throw. The best hitters in baseball follow the same routine before stepping into the batters box. And the best ball strikers in golf have a short pre-shot routine they repeat before they smash the golf ball.

Yet most golfers – dare I say “hackers” – randomly take a whack at the ball and wonder why they can’t consistently strike solid shots.

It’s no mystery...

The real secret to playing better golf and lowering your scores is developing consistency. In other words, repeating the same fundamentals over and over to produce consistent, predictable results.

The often overlooked pre-shot routine is the primary key to developing the consistency necessary to unlock your scoring potential. And in this BONUS module you’ll discover the simple “PSR Formula.”

YES! I Want to Add Distance to EVERY Club in My Bag.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re still on the fence, the following BONUSES should push you over the top. Chris and Rich have gone the extra mile and created bonus “Consistency Modules.”

Because what good is all this extra power and distance without consistency? You don’t want to be a great “driving range” player – you want to take those skills to the course, right?That’s exactly the reason Chris and Rich created these BONUS Consistency modules. They are the perfect complement to the Power & Distance Challenge.Chris and Rich have filmed over 45 minutes of professional video explaining how to take your newfound power and distance to the first tee box with you. There are also comprehensive explanations available for instant download in digital format. So no matter whether you prefer to watch cutting-edge golf information on video, read it, or both, we’ve got you covered.Here’s a brief explanation of each module…

BONUS Module #2: The 5 Fundamentals
of Focused Practice…

Screenshot-2015-01-21-09.31.081When we ask golfers to tell us about their biggest challenge, we’re consistently told the #1 challenge is consistency – hitting solid shots to a given target not just once in while, but every time. Developing this consistency is no big secret. It involves practice.

Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean randomly flailing at a large bucket of balls for hours and hours at the range like most golfers. The consistency golfers covet can be quickly achieved by following the specific, short and focused practice drills you’ll discover in this BONUS module that will show you how to practice like the pros.

BONUS Module #3: How to Stop
Choking on Money Shots...

logo-smallWhen you feel pressure or nerves on the course, the result is generally a bad shot. One bad shot can lead to the dreaded “blow up” hole. And one “blow up” hole can lead to a string of “snow men” – a score of “8” – or worse. And those high scores can ruin an otherwise great round.

Reducing pressure is all about increasing confidence. And you gain confidence by developing consistency. You’ll discover several simple techniques for reducing pressure on the course and shaving strokes off your score in this BONUS module.

YES! I Want to Add Distance to EVERY Club in My Bag.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!


The Power and Distance Challenge isn't for everyone...

That’s right!

If you think you are gonna transform your game, embarrass your buddies, and add yards of distance to every clubs across your entire bag without work… Think again!

Although Chris and Rich have done their absolute best to create a step-by-step road map that will lead you from where you are today to Driver Bully status, it does require work. You do have to follow along to the workouts and drills at least 3 days a week in order to get the results you're looking for.

But… Like I said before, the Power and Distance Challenge program only take minutes per day to complete!

This means that although you have to do some work, it doesn’t have to take up very much of your time. The reality is, if you don’t have a few minutes to spend using the most effective distance program in the world, then this program is NOT for you.

AND… There’s more BAD NEWS…If you are motivated to make a change… To finally transform your golf game permanently, then you should know this…

You’ll NEVER get the results you want from following “traditional” golf pro methods!

YES… I hate to break it to you but, this is 100% TRUE!

In FACT, most of the “traditional” methods that the golf magazines and teaching pro's are preaching are NEVER gonna help you transform your game. It's the same reason why you see people taking lessons year after year, and never make a change!

This is because the "secret ingredient" inside the Power and Distance Challenge that use our Spetnaz Principle send Loud And Clear programming signals to your body while “traditional” lessons often do the opposite, leaving you spinning your wheels for all your hard work!

The sad truth is... Your brain will get confused by using these “traditional” methods and you can actually make the problem (i.e. the way you play) WORSE!

This means that the ONLY WAY for you to get the permanent transformation results you really want is to follow along to the Blueprint Rich and Chris created inside of the Power and Distance Challenge.

AND… If you’re even slightly skeptical then…

Here’s the BEST NEWS of all…

I know that you’re probably thinking to yourself that the benefits you’ll get from following along to the blueprint contained in the Power and Distance Challenge sound a little too good to be true, right?

To ease your concern and make this a no brainer, I decided to remove all risk from your side and place it on us. This way you have no excuse not to try the Power and Distance Challenge and see the results for yourself. Which is why we decided to give you our industry leading “60 Day” Guarantee!

100% 60-Day Money Back Power & Distance GUARANTEE

money back logo

I’m so confident you will add 100 yards or more of distance across your bag that I GUARANTEE your results.

In other words, after completing the POWER & DISTANCE Challenge, if you have not added at least 100 yards of distance across your bag OR even if you have added 100 yards and for some reason you’re less than 100% completely satisfied I insist you contact our office for full and complete refund with no questions and no hassles.

This means that there is zero risk for you, because you’re totally covered for a full 60 days by our 100% no-questions-asked full refund guarantee.

Just like the program itself, our guarantee to you is simple:

From your first day, your experience with the Power and Distance Challenge must live up to your highest expectations and deliver the transformation you desire and deserve… and if you’re anything less than completely thrilled, all you have to do is tell us so and we’ll immediately return every penny you paid.

We will only keep your money if it comes with your success story… 

Robert Phillips
Author: How to Break 90 in 42 Days

YES! I Want to Add Distance to EVERY Club in My Bag.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

P.S. Even professional golfers are “astounded” by the gains they quickly achieved during the Power & Distance Challenge. Here’s what one of them – Jason Dransfield of England posted on our FaceBook page….

Daniel Kidd, a teaching professional was smashing his drives so long and straight, his playing partners asked if he’d bought a new driver.

And Joe Connelly of Waterford, Ireland, added so much power and distance so quickly his shocked club pro wanted to know his “secret.”Fortunately you don’t have to wonder how to add at least 10 yards to every club in your bag faster than you ever imagined possible by exploiting simple, yet little-known training techniques used by the Russian Spetsnaz to achieve astonishing gains in strength in just a few minutes per day.

Click on the link below NOW for all the details on the Power & Distance Challenge and 3 Special BONUSES before this opportunity disappears like a hole-in-one.

YES! I Want to Add Distance to EVERY Club in My Bag.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

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