Q: What's the fastest and EASIEST way
to shave strokes off every round you play?

A: Improve your putting.

Before I started this program, I averaged about 70 percent from 10ft. After completing the drills and assessments, I ended up making 49 out of 50 putts from 10ft. I have gained the confidence in my putter which I don't ever remember having.

Tyler VanHecke
Tyler VanHecke No More 3 Putts! Student

I play with a group of ladies on a regular basis. Two years ago we started a 3 putt can. Every time you 3 putt you put a quarter in the can. In 6 weeks I've only had two 3 putts or 5o cents in the can. Use to be every round I played I had at least 1 or 2 or 3.

Deana Riley
Deana Riley No More 3 Putts! Student