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Flexibility is ignored by most golfers and instructors. In reality, flexibility should be #1 on your list. IF you are serious about creating longevity so you can play golf well into your golden years.




    Right Click the above link and select "Save Link As" to save to your computer. To accurately keep track and follow EMF workout, download, print, and take this worksheet to your gym.

Made the Championship Flight with a 2 round total of 152. Big shout out to Chris & Rich for all your help. Wouldn't of done it w/o ya. Won the final round 2&1. No 3 putts kept the pressure on him.

Just Tucker
Just Tucker Lewisburg, OH

So I won my home club's open today with a net 64. 🙂 I played the best round of my life and I owe it to the PSR formula. I have practiced and refined this extensively and it certainly works. Thanks 🙂

Jamie Scobie
Jamie Scobie United Kingdom

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